Communicating With Your Tenants Effectively

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As a landlord or a property manager, for your business to be successful, communicating with your tenants properly is significant. Remember, effective communication ensures smooth running of your business. The tenants have no reason to move since there is a listening ear. Also, they are ready to renew the tenancy agreement.

See to it that you organize a meeting with your tenants to discuss issues of concern. Be mindful of your body language. Don’t be too serious while communicating with your tenants. It is advisable to avoid looking at your watch and tapping fingers, this communicates to your tenants that you are impatient. It is important to learn to listen to your tenants, though they may be communicating something that is out of context. Learn to respect them and hear them out. Control your emotions, though it is not easy. Always be professional, take note you are in business and you need the tenant. Creating time to meet the tenants can yield better results and prove that you are serious with your business. This will also portray you as one who is concerned of the well-being of the tenants. In the long run, both of you will be satisfied.

What if you can’t manage to meet your tenants face to face? Well, they are many other avenues you can communicate to them. You can call them through a telephone, send a text message or even send an email. Only communicate over the phone with the tenants concerning simple matters. Call them to remind them that their tenancy agreement needs to be renewed. What you say over the phone can be used against you in a court a law. Therefore, it is advisable to write down what you communicate to your tenants. As for emails, it is a good method to communicate. It is convenient and has a record of the conversation. Don’t email your tenants important and urgent matters. Bear in mind not all tenants have access to emails. Furthermore, they may not access the emails daily. Text messages come in handy. Everyone owns a mobile phone, so does your tenants. If you text your tenants, you are guaranteed they will receive the message. The texts can be used as appoint of reference.

Always ensure you document all your conversations with your tenants. Consider having a diary to take note of the dates you set for meetings. Tenants are different, understand them, if they air complains, take immediate action and offer solutions. Finally, practice communicating with your tenants. After all, it is an art that must be learnt. Over time, you will be the best landlord or property manager when it comes to communicating with your tenants.


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