Moving Your Investments From Residential to Commercial Real Estate

We Are Specialists In Commercial Investment Opportunities

Moving Your Investments From Residential to Commercial Real Estate

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The real estate market offers some great opportunities for commercial investment. Real Estate Establishment, Inc. can assist you in developing a strategy for diversifying your real estate portfolio. Our commercial real estate staff consists of experts in the valuation of commercial investment opportunities and this includes the return on investment potential. We will only recommend properties that have great upside potential for rent growth and increases in value. Our philosophy on commercial investing is achieve the highest net income, and invest in properties with growth potential in market value.

We can help with the purchase of multi-unit properties and properties with commercial leasing and sales opportunities. We are knowledgeable about the foreclosure opportunities that will provide an ongoing rental income, or an opportunity to make the home salable at a substantial profit.

Our staff includes experts that can properly structure a 1031 exchange which will allow you to sell one property and invest the proceeds in a new property of equal or greater value and defer all capital gain taxes on the sale. This unique program will allow you to keep your all of your profits working. We can help you select properties that will make the 1031 exchange work for you, and our knowledge about property values and value trends will help you take advantage of this investment growth process.

Another feature of our services is knowing everything about a property that we encourage you to invest in. There will be no surprises like unexpected assessments or finding that the crime rate is high. We will know if the property taxes could increase, or if some pending municipal action may negatively impact the value of the property.

When we recommend the purchase of a property, we are certain we know what the fair price of the property should be. We analyze similar properties that have recently sold and then compare these properties to the one we are recommending. If the property is a multi-unit rental property, we will perform an analysis of the rental income as the return on investment after expenses. We will also assess the potential for increased rental income.

We have a skilled staff to manage your commercial investment including collecting and depositing rents, arranging for repairs, handling complaints and providing you with monthly reports. Our tax staff will be very helpful in determining the income tax implications of your investment.

Real Estate Establishment, Inc. is the only company you need to find excellent commercial investments and to manage them for you. We are experts at generating a return on your investment that will be among the best in this area.


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